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Recent Projects

Program Scope:
The scope of the Program was to Register 30,000 Beneficiaries on the Arpan App in the PCMC, Pune region and distribute Ration to the economically backward people as an aid and support the social activities and initiatives taken by Citibank.

Blue Pencil has partnered with Sparsh to ensure that the ration is distributed in a fair and organized manner to the Needy people. We took gratitude in working and participating in this noble cause to try and help uplift the needy people and not a major but substantial level of support to help them meet their requirements.

The program included identification of beneficiaries, Registration on the Portal and Distribution to ensure that the last man (Antodaya) gets the benefit. We ensured that the defined Process is adhered and also brought in some best practices to successfully complete the Program in the identified regions.

We also covered the various communities like Trans Genders, Sex Workers, Handicapped and distributed kits separately to them and ensured it reached them without any issues

Registration Process:
The Registration Process was followed and defined on the approach of reaching out to individuals, identify them as beneficiary, complete the documentation, validation which ensures that the aid reaches out to the beneficiary and there is no misuse of the aid.
1. Door to Door Campaign:- The Volunteers reached out to the beneficiaries through Door to Door Campaign
2. Validated the ID Card of the Beneficiary (Aadhar/PAN/Voter ID/Driving License)
3. Validated the Ration Card
4. Entered the Ration Card Number on the App
5. Uploaded the ID Card on the App
6. Updated the Family member list on the App
7. Issued the Token to the Beneficiary
8. Educated the Beneficiary to come to Distribution Center for collection of Kit, and proactively taken the Alternate contact details in case he/she could not come to collect
9. Identified local leaders in the Lane/Area/Locality and made him the Focal for all the Communications related to Schedule of Distribution
10. The Focal also helped us ensure that only 1 Kit goes to each family and avoid Duplicity

Registration Centres

1. Adarsh Nagar
2. Ambedkar Colony
3. Anand Nagar
4. Baldev Nagar
5. Bhaat Nagar
6. Bheem Nagar
7. Boudh Nagar
8. Dhawade Wasti
9. Don Bosco School
10. Gandhinagar

11. Gawali Matha
12. Gharkul
13. Gurudutt Nagar
14. Indira Nagar
15. Kailash Nagar
16. Kalewadi
17. Kalewadi Hub
18. Khadi Machine
19. Lal Topi Nagar
20. Mata Mandir Pimpri

21. Mhatoba Nagar
22. MIDC
23. Milind Nagar
24. Nanekar Chawl
25. Nigdi
26. Niradhar Nagar
27. Patre Shed
28. Pawana Nagar
29. Pimpri
30. Pimpri Gaon

31. Rahtani
32. Rambai Nagar
33. Sadhu Vasvam Garden
34. Sanjay Gandhi Nagar
35. Sant Tukaram Nagar
36. Shanti Nagar
37. Shastri Nagar
38. Subhash Nagar
39. Tapkir Mala

Distribution Centres:
The Distribution was the most important and crucial part of the program where the beneficiary received the kit. Team planned the seamless distribution of the Aid and ensured it reached the appropriate persons.
1. Section A- Validation of Tokens :- 2-3 Volunteers were engaged to validate the Tokens and match them with the ID’s uploaded in the App
2. Section B- Collected the Tokens and Handed over the Kits
3. Section C- Clicked the Picture of the beneficiary along with the Kit and uploaded the picture on the App

1. Sadhu Vasvani Garden
2. Don Bosco School
3. Kalewadi
4. Gawali Matha
5. Lal Topi Nagar

6. Mhatoba Nagar
7. Indira Nagar
8. Pimpri Gaon
9. Sant Tukuram Nagar
10. Gawali Matha


Reconciliation was the Quality check and controls to ensure that the task was completed successfully without any errors and the beneficiary has received the Aid that he deserves.
Reconciliation included the below tasks:-
1. Validated the DONE Status on the App Dashboard and evaluated them against the Tokens collected and images uploaded
2. Updated the BOD/EOD Status to cross verify the number of Kits Distributed
DONE Status = No. of Status = No. of Photographs Uploaded