1. The Individual Grants Programme of Sparsh follows a comprehensive, systematic, and most important, fair and humane approach to identifying individuals in need and deserving of financial assistance to disburse grants in the areas of medical treatment, education, skill building, idea incubation and sports.
  2. Sparsh shall also selectively identify events to raise funds for charity either by piggy backing on an existing event or curating an focused events to raise contribution towards a cause
  3. Education Skill Development for the underprivileged children, women & youth that will help them towards employability
    1. The Technology in Education initiatives with focus on appropriate use of technology to improve teaching and learning processes by working with both teachers and students
    2. Initiatives those aims to bridge the digital divide between rural and urban areas by providing access to technology in rural and remote areas and creating an open source content.
  1. Women and Child health focused primary care and nutrition. Help to provide better nutrition profile for the underprivileged.We ran a program in PCMC Pune, where we went door to door to identify the right beneficiary as per program guidelines and distributed 30000 Plus Ration kits, 1 kit per family. Entire program was tracked from on boarding beneficiary to distribution of ration kits.
  2. Improving access to safe, assured and adequate water for both drinking and livelihood purposes, and environmental sanitation
  3. Up-liftment of marginalised and poor agricultural communities by build a technology enabled Farm to Market value chain that provides for irreversible sustainability to the marginal farmers through financial, social & economical up-liftment
  4. Enable Technology led solutions towards enhancing livelihoods and quality of life of artistes, artisans and craftsmen, by supporting:
    1. Initiatives to secure the livelihoods of crafts communities
    2. Sustainable livelihoods in performing arts
    3. Preservation and conservation of culture