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Guiding Vision

Our aim is to empower social impact through technology and institutionalized service management.

Families Benefited
Woman & Youth Benefited
Students Benefited
Crore welfare benefits channelized

Recent impact Story

Nutrition Story

Story Of Nutrition

In 2022, we identified, digitally authenticated and registered 30,000 economically backward & pandemic impacted beneficiaries to provide for 35+kg customized ration kit to feed a family of 4 for at least 2 months. This program had over 99.4% data accuracy and slippage of <2% on inventory. It was delivered within the prescribed timeline of 2 months (26th April 2022 – 20th June 2022) with the support of 75 volunteers.

India Startup Support

Since 2017, we enabled support for over 100 children at the same time promoting Indian start-up enterprise by providing DESKIT, is a school bag convertible into study table. It has a compact, waterproof convertible school bag that can become a study table adjustable at two different heights. The study table helps students maintain a proper and comfortable sitting posture while studying.

Education Support

Support educational fees for over 35+ underprivileged children for primary, secondary and higher education through individual grant scholarships. Giving educational support is something very focused target. Our goal is very dedicated & our efforts towards achieving it comes with flexible boundaries that guide us to shape up the frame & become our specialized guidelines for children’s educational support.